Delving into New York’s Art Scene

The Studio of the Art Students League of New York.On this blog we have covered art museums extensively, and for good reason, as New York is a literal treasure trove of art. But that doesn’t mean all of the city’s artistic gems are concentrated in the hands of the Met, Guggenheim or Moma.

If guests of our boutique hotel The MAve in Midtown want to get a more complete picture of NYC’s art scene, they have to dig a little deeper than the museums and instead delve into the city’s galleries, studios and street art.

As no one could be expected to arrive to NYC and immediately have a handle on all the city’s art-world happenings, it’s a good thing that companies like Artigo Tours exist.

Artigo Tours is an art-loving tourist’s one-stop shop, as the company provides a host of tailor-made tours that take travelers on an exploration of the city’s famed and fantastic art scene.

Because Artigo Tours offers individualized tours, no group will leave disappointed. Interested in the creative process? Artigo can take your group into the active studios of working artists and even into their workspace homes. The company also arranges guided visits to some of the city’s top art schools like Cooper Union and the Pratt Institute where the next generation of great artists is currently being trained.

Tours vary in length anywhere from a short walking tour of a neighborhood to a multi-day expedition across the city’s art world. Other specializations of Artigo include architecture, street art and private collections, where tourists visit the residences of prominent art collectors to see their private collections of masterpieces.

For a free alternative to Artigo, check out the Tribeca Open Artist Studio Tour (TOAST). Organized by an artist-run non-profit, this annual art walk takes visitors into the studio space of hundreds of artists in over thirty buildings in NYC’s trendy TriBeCa neighborhood. This year TOAST runs from May 3rd to May 6th, so try not to miss it!

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