Two Contrasting Views of NYC

A helicopter tour in NYC.There aren’t enough adjectives to properly describe the experience of visiting New York. Everything is simply more exciting in the city: the buildings are bigger, the pace is quicker, the shops are trendier and the attractions are grander.

Guests staying at our boutique hotel The MAve have a limitless amount of options when it comes to exploring NYC, but those looking for a somewhat unique way to see the city should think about calling Manhattan Helicopters or the Spirit of New York.

Departing from a helicopter pad downtown, Manhattan Helicopters takes visitors on 15-30 minute aerial tours of Manhattan. Zooming past the Lower Manhattan skyline and along the East River, the helicopters travel past iconic NYC landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Central Park and Times Square.

At approximately $200 per person, the tours aren’t cheap, but they are definitely fun and the present an altogether unique way to see the city.

For something a little more down to earth, the Spirit of New York operates daily lunch and dinner cruises on its luxurious three-deck ships. Sailing on the Hudson River, East River and the Upper New York Bay, the cruises give patrons ample time to appreciate the NYC skyline and famed landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge, Ellis Island and Statue of Liberty as they dine.

Guests on the dinner cruise can take advantage of the ship’s new open-air rooftop lounge and enjoy drinks and dancing against the backdrop of the New York skyline.

Dinner cruises last for three hours and prices start at $85. Lunch, meanwhile, is served on two-hour long cruises starting at only $45. Not bad at all for a buffet lunch and a scenic cruise around the city.

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