Nightlife in the Meatpacking District

New York is a city of trendy neighborhoods and trendy people. While there are a lot of options for a happening night out—SoHo, Williamsburg and the Village all come to mind—the Meatpacking District stands out as the coolest. This always-hot neighborhood is situated in between Chelsea and the Village on the Hudson River and is close to our NYC boutique hotel The MAve, which is in the Flatiron District.

Start off your Meatpacking adventure at Le Bain, which is situated on the rooftop of the newly opened Standard Hotel. This bar is known for its stunning views of the Manhattan skyline and for its fashionable clientele of celebrities and models. Getting past its doormen can be a challenge late at night, but if you come during the day or early evening you should be able to find a lounge chair on the bar’s faux grass terrace for a cocktail or two. As it is with most places in the Meatpacking District, it’s best to dress nicely when visiting Le Bain.

Next up on the agenda is Provocateur. This nightclub is a new entrant onto the Meatpacking scene and it’s somewhat unique in that it was designed to cater to female patrons. This can be seen in everything from its vitamin-infused cocktails to Madonna-inspired décor. Guys are more than welcome, of course, as no ladies’ night is complete without some handsome man candy.

Still up for another club? Move the party over to Darby Downstairs. Situated underneath the Darby Supper Club, this club is all about electro hip hop and funk and is a great place for dancing. Hopefully you’re already a little toasty, though, as drinks at this club can be a little pricey.

After a long night bumping and grinding in the Meatpacking District it’s time to return to The MAve boutique hotel for a well deserved rest—with the “do not disturb” light on of course.

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