Art on the Upper East Side

The Upper East Side is one of Manhattan’s most posh neighborhoods, with townhouses lining Central Park as doormen stand guard and wealthy residents walk their poodles. But in addition to the luxurious mansions, the stretch of Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue parallel to Central Park also has a number of world-class art museums that absolutely must make it onto any visitor’s itinerary.

The Frick Collection on Fifth Avenue and 71st Street is known for its large collection of paintings by the European masters and for its 18th century France-inspired d├ęcor. This private collection was assembled by the industrialist Henry Frick and is housed in his former residence. It was opened to the public in 1935 and is well worth a visit for fans of romanticism of realism.

A bit north of the Frick Collection, on Madison Avenue and 75th Street, is the Whitney Museum of American Art. As its name suggests, this museum is dedicated to showcasing only the best of American artists. Expect to see works from American greats like Georgia O’Keeffe and Norman Rockwell.

Situated in Central Park at 82nd Street is New York’s largest art museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Met, as it’s affectionately called, houses an absolutely gigantic collection of classical art, contemporary art, and artifacts from the ancient world. Its Egyptian antiquities section is particularly impressive, as is its collection of expressionist art. It’s virtually impossible to see everything in one visit, so be prepared to skip over some sections entirely.

Finally, just a few blocks north of the Met, there is the Guggenheim Museum. The museum was designed by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright and is perhaps one of the few museums whose exterior is more famous than its art collection. That doesn’t mean, however, that it’s art collection is lacking, because it most certainly is not. Expect to find only the most highly acclaimed pieces from the world’s most celebrated artists. E.g. Kandinsky, Picasso, Renoir, Matisse, Manet and Monet, to name but a few.

The Upper East Side and its museums are easily accessible from our NYC boutique hotel The Mave in Midtown thanks to the city’s excellent transportation system. On the subway just hop on the 6 uptown from 28th Street station and get off 15 minutes later at 68th Street, a few blocks from the Frick.

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