Architecture on the Upper East Side

The Breuer Building of the Whitney Museum.New York is a dream come true for architecture enthusiasts. But while Midtown, with the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building, gets most of the attention, the Upper East Side just uptown also has its fair share of architectural gems.

Perhaps the most notable building on the Upper East Side is the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. Designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, the New York Guggenheim is one of the only museum’s in the world whose exterior is more famous than the collection it houses. Wright’s inverted-circular tower was built in 1959 in a testament to modernism’s unique style and the building has been a massive hit with the public ever since.

Not far from the Guggenheim the Whitney Museum of American Art is housed in the striking Breuer Building. Designed by the Hungarian architect Marcel Breuer, who was trained at the famed German design school Bauhaus, the building was hailed as a somber construction at the time of its completion in 1966. Admiring its gray exterior and inverted-ziggurat shape, it’s easy to appreciate the building’s heavy, almost stoical appearance.

Another museum on the Upper East Side with a fantastic architectural story is the Frick Collection. This museum is housed in the Frick House, which was commissioned by Pittsburgh industrialist Henry Frick in 1912. The house was designed by architect Thomas Hastings, who also designed the grand New York Public Library. The house, with its ample lawns and grand atrium, has the feeling of a country estate despite its central location on Fifth Avenue. Inside the minimalist d├ęcor perfectly complements the museum’s collection of European masterpieces.

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