The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

Inside the Avery Fisher Hall.Earlier this week we discussed visiting the Metropolitan Opera at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, but this week we want to talk about some of the other great cultural institutions at the Lincoln Center, which is also home to the NYC Ballet and New York Philharmonic.

Considered to be one of the world’s best ballet companies, the NYC Ballet has been astounding audiences for the past sixty years. Its productions star only the world’s top dancers and employ renowned choreographers for what is almost always a spectacular performance. For those who aren’t normally interested in ballet maybe watching the 2010 film Black Swan, which starred Natalie Portman as a dancer in a NYC Ballet production, will inspire a change of heart.

The NYC Ballet produces more than thirty shows a season, so it should be easy to find something for everyone’s tastes. Like the opera, budget seats start for as little as $20, while nice seats cost around $100.

Next to the NYC Ballet is the New York Philharmonic, which performs out of the elegant Avery Fisher Hall. Founded in 1842 this is the oldest symphony orchestra in the United States, but of course the orchestra hasn’t been going strong for more than 170 years by being resistant to change. Instead the New York Philharmonic often performs groundbreaking contemporary shows that employ popular actors and singers.

Slightly more affordable than either the opera or the ballet, a decent seat at the philharmonic can be purchased for as little as $60.

Though none of the events at the Lincoln Center have an official dress code, it’s still best to dress appropriately. This means no jeans and no sneakers. A nice shirt for men and a cocktail dress for women is more than enough to fit in with the stylish patrons.

After your thrilling night out at the Lincoln Center have a nice stroll on the Upper West Side before returning back to The MAve boutique hotel in NYC’s Flatiron District, which is only a 10-minute taxi ride from the Lincoln Center.

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