Eating A Swath Through The West Village

Greenwich Village is one of New York’s most iconic neighborhoods, having come to fame in the 20th century as a bohemian haunt for poets, musicians and artists. The neighborhood’s role as an alternative haven reached its peak in the 1960s when artists like Bob Dylan brought the Village to the national forefront of cultural relevance. While the neighborhood has now gone mainstream, it’s still an exceedingly cool place to visit, as it’s jam packed with bars, restaurants and entertainment options.

Guests staying at our NYC hotel The MAve are in an excellent position to explore all The Village has to offer, as the hotel is situated in the adjacent Flatiron District.

One of the best reasons to visit the West Village is for all of the amazing restaurants. But while it’s easy to find a good restaurant in the area, there are still some hidden gems that are worth searching for.

Mary’s Fish Camp, on Charles Street, is an outright amazing seafood restaurant that is usually packed with locals who come for the fish tacos and other seafood delights.

Another place worth checking out is the Israeli restaurant Taïm. More of a takeout spot than a dine-in place, Taïm is popular at lunch time because of its sabich (eggplant and egg) sandwich, falafels and smoothies.

On Hudson Street the EN Japanese Brasserie is a great choice for dinner, as it has a quiet and romantic setting and services delicious Japanese cuisine featuring homemade tofu.

For some traditional New York street fare head over to John’s Pizzeria on Bleecker Street. One of the best pizza places in a city chock-full of pizza places, this pizzeria has a magical way of making sure every one of its pizzas comes out of its brick oven baked to perfection.

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