The Staten Island Ferry and St George

The Staten Island Ferry sailing near the Statue of Liberty in NYC.

The Staten Island Ferry is one of the top free attractions in NYC. This ferry began service in 1817, becoming a city service in 1905, and now carries millions of passengers each year between the outer borough of Staten Island and South Ferry in lower Manhattan. The 25-minute ferry ride … Read More

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Visiting Carnegie Hall

An orchestra performing on stage at the legendary Carnegie Hall in NYC.

The historic Carnegie Hall was commissioned by the philanthropist Andrew Carnegie in 1891 and has been one of the world’s premier venues for classical music ever since. It boasts an Italian Renaissance design, which was courtesy of the genius architect William Burnet Tuthill. Though the New York Philharmonic moved to … Read More

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Life on the Upper West Side

The beaux-arts design of the Ansonia on the Upper West Side.

Though it’s hard to imagine now, at one time the Upper West Side was a barren, desolate stretch of Manhattan far removed from the bright lights and happenings of Midtown. The neighborhood began its slow transformation around the turn of the 20th century, beginning with the construction of The Dakota … Read More

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Architecture on the Upper East Side

The Breuer Building of the Whitney Museum.

New York is a dream come true for architecture enthusiasts. But while Midtown, with the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building, gets most of the attention, the Upper East Side just uptown also has its fair share of architectural gems. Perhaps the most notable building on the Upper East Side … Read More

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The John F. Kennedy International Airport


The JFK International Airport is the largest airport in NYC and one of the largest in the country serving almost 50 million passengers each year. JFK is one of three airports serving the NYC metropolitan area, in conjunction with the LaGuardia and Newark International Airports. However, JFK is by far … Read More

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