Thrifty Shopping in NYC

Being the world’s greatest city comes with a price and New York isn’t always the most affordable place to visit. But that doesn’t have to be the case, as our boutique hotel The MAve is now offering discounted rates of up to 20% off for customers booking at least 30 days in advance. More of an impromptu traveler? Well that’s ok too, as we also have special last-minute rates that allow guests arriving within 3-7 days to save anywhere from 10-30%.

Keeping with our theme of saving travelers money, New York has some incredible thrift stores that offer shoppers a way to purchase the latest from the world’s fashion capital without breaking the bank. Don’t let the term “thrift store” deter you, as we’re not talking about the Goodwill here. Instead imagine fashionable stores that sell super trendy vintage and brand-name clothing.

The Angel Street Thrift Shop in Chelsea is a good place to start, as it has a wide selection of designer brands at affordable prices. Even better than the great deals, all proceeds from the store benefit programs for New Yorkers with mental illnesses, addiction and HIV.

The Arthritis Thrift Shop, on the Upper East Side, is the place to go for diamond-in-the-rough type finds and exploring its cluttered racks can be a lot of fun. As its name suggests all proceeds from sales at this shop benefit the Arthritis Foundation.

Across the East River, Williamsburg is the place to go for vintage thrift store finds. This trendy neighborhood is at the forefront of hipster fashion and it has several shops worth checking out. Monk’s on Driggs Ave has a huge selection of vintage clothing and jewelry, including a large assortment of men’s clothing. Vice Versa on Bedford Ave is another great find with its large stock of clothing and accessories. Otherwise don’t miss the Buffalo Exchange, which is a nice and orderly break from the clutter of the other Williamsburg thrift shops.

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