Exploring the Arts in the Bowery

No city has had more of an impact on contemporary culture than New York. Talented artists and authors have been flocking to the city for hundreds of years, drawn by the welcoming art scene and a city that is inspirational like no other. One of the great benefits to staying in our NYC boutique hotel The MAve is its central location in Manhattan’s Flatiron District. This makes it incredibly easy for travelers to explore the city and discover its wonderful art scene.

One area that is often overlooked by more mainstream tourists is the Bowery. Situated in the Lower East Side, this neighborhood packs a big artistic punch despite its small size. Once the home of writer William S. Burroughs and artist Mark Rothko, the neighborhood has been revitalized in recent years and has become quite the cultural gem.

The area’s centerpiece attraction is the New Museum of Contemporary Art, whose building was designed by the Tokyo architectural firm SANAA and is quite striking, as seven aluminum boxes staggered and stacked form its exterior. Inside visitors will find an intimate gallery that is more approachable than its larger uptown cousins. There is no permanent collection, so instead several visiting exhibitions are on display at any given time. Expect to see the works of alternative artists in the form of paintings, sculptures and digital installation art. The museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday and admission is $14. On Thursdays the museum stays open late and offers free entrance between 7 p.m. and 9.pm.

Changing the pace a bit is the Bowery Poetry Club or BPC. This club has become an institution on the New York literary scene since its inception in 2002. Far from boring or pretentious, poetry readings at the club are laid back and fun. The club has a bar that serves fun drinks and it’s a popular place to spend the evening. So who knows, you just might find yourself visiting for the poetry slams, but staying for the atmosphere.

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