Airfare Deals and Under-the-Radar Travel Sites

Airfare Deals and Under-the-Radar Travel Sites

You’ve heard about and probably used the popular travel sites like Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, etc. for airfare and hotels–but here are three under-the-radar sites that use a different approach and can help you get the best bang for your airline buck when traveling to New York City.

1) AirfareWatchdog
This sites works best for travelers ready to travel last minute or are up for spur-of-the-moment adventure. This site has real people that lurk on airline websites anticipating a drop in fare or fare sales. They sign up for rewards programs to snag promo codes and discount offers that can be passed on to users of AirfareWatchdog. So just like the name, they’re bloodhounds on the trail for the best airline bargains.

Bonus: This site also includes fares from smaller airlines that don’t typically appear on the big travel sites such as Southwest and Allegiant.

2) Yapta
Yapta tracks fares for you and will shoot you an email or Tweet if the cost of your selected flight drops. If you’ve bought your ticket and the price falls below the price you paid–most airlines and travel agents will refund you the difference (mostly in the form of credits and vouchers). Yapta walks you through how to collect your refund–but note, they don’t currently work with Southwest Airlines.

If you’re going to spend hours on a plane to fly to the one of the world’s most magnetic cities–why not arrive in a good mood? It’s all about comfort and functionality for some and Flatseats gives you extremely detailed reviews on the seats themselves, literally. For just about every airline under the sun (and especially insightful for international travel), customer feedback on this site describes things like exact leg room between the rows, aesthetic design, the angle of recline, any hard metal edges, headrests, or cushions on leg rolls. All the things you’ve quietly wondered when tempted to buy.

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