A Taste of Harlem

The Harlem Chowder is a perfect example of an innovative dish in the neighborhood.One part of Manhattan that’s mostly overlooked by tourists is uptown’s Harlem. The neighborhood, roughly defined as anything between Central Park and 155th Street, is home to a diverse ethnic mix of Caribbean, African and Latin American denizens. Though once regarded as a rough-and-tumble place, this reputation is no longer justified as Harlem has seen somewhat of a renaissance in the twenty years since 1990.

As it doesn’t have the keynote attractions that draw visitors to other neighborhoods in Manhattan, an interesting way for tourists to explore Harlem is with a food tour.

Taste Harlem takes groups through thirteen miles of Harlem on a quest for the neighborhood’s best food. The cuisine of the Caribbean and Africa are heavily represented, but so are the American soul-food renditions of the two.

The company’s most popular tour is the Harlem’s Tasting Tour. This four-hour tour, $95 per person, combines tastings at Harlem restaurants with an insider’s look into the history, architecture and contemporary art scene of the neighborhood.

Another, more focused, tour is the Soul Food Tasting Tour. As its name suggests, this tour takes visitors on an exploration of Harlem’s noteworthy soul food restaurants. The tour takes 2.5 hours and the cost is $55 and a countless amount of calories. Seriously. Anyone on a diet should probably not take the soul food tour.

While in Harlem don’t miss the opportunity to swing by the famed Apollo Theater at 253 West 125th Street. A stalwart in the African-American entertainment industry, this theater helped launch the careers of celebrated musicians like James Brown and Ella Fitzgerald.

After all of the Harlem eats and Uptown fun, come back down to our boutique hotel The MAve in NYC’s Midtown to give yourself some time to digest before your evening plans inevitably pull you back into the bustling and lively city.

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